RV Entrance Door
Trigger Lock

Key Pad & Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint & Keypad RV Door Locks

Built tough for your RV, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Cargo Trailers, Horse Trailers, Toy Haulers, and Truck Campers.

RV Master’s trigger lock, designed with an ergonomic new sleek curved design, brings you keyless convenience to unlock your RV door.

Choose from the latest in digital door locking technology – fingerprint, keypad, timer-lock, to open your door.

Available Options:


Fingerprint + Keypad + Cylinder Lock


Keypad + Cylinder Lock


Standard Cylinder Lock

Fingerprint Technology

RV Master fingerprint trigger locks come with the new fault-type fingerprint scanning technology:

Scan the input fingerprint in segmented mode, which is not easy to be affected by the external environment, and reduces the chance of residual fingerprint on the electronic lock, effectively preventing the possibility of fingerprint being copied, thus is more safe and reliable.

  • Fingerprints registration: 20 fingerprints

Automatic Locking Function

The Auto-Lock feature enables your door to lock automatically after a predetermined amount of time (up to 30 minutes) has passed.

  • 20sec – 1min – 5min – 30min

Light Weight Housing &
Durable Inner Handle & Deadbolt

The lock housing is a rugged one-piece injection molded Nylon PA6+GF30. This material is extremely tough and yet lightweight.

The inner handle & deadbolt are die casted zinc alloy ( ZA3 ) 

Water Proof KeyPad (Pin Code)

Premium keypad specifically designed for RV entrance door use.

  • Store up to 10 combinations of 6-8 digits pin codes.
  • Easy entry with tactical push key buttons, great for colder weather.
  • High resolution LED backlit keypad for better visual in dark environments.
  • Water Proof
  • Press for lock.

Indoor Locking & Unlocking

Only one quick button touch to lock & unlock the door from the inside.

UV & Corrosion Resistant
Weather Proof

UV radiation and extreme weather can have an especially high impact on materials used outdoors and exposed to the elements.

Our RV Master trigger locks are completely UV and corosion resistant with a sleek powder coated surface and electronics will function in a wide range of temperatures.

We understand common failures in similar products on the market such as stress crack formations, brittleness, diminished strength or lack of elasticity are serious issues that will significantly reduce the life span of your product and the long-term trust of your end clients.

UV Resistant
Weather Proof!

Extended Life Cycle

We know the importance of a long service life with minimal maintenance, that’s why our RV master paddle lock handles undergo stringent durability tests to ensure their effectiveness and long-term reliability.

RV master Test Criteria:
100,000 Operational test cycles (open & close)

Low Battery Alarm

In case of low battery, user will immediately be notified with alarm and LED.

Access to battery compartment for replacement of 4 x 1.35 (AA) is easy and unobstructed. 


Product Dimensions
209mm( L )x120mm( W )x60mm( H )
Package Details
2 keys ( keyed alike )
※ 100 combinations available

1 Strike Plate
1 Door Edge Cover
2 Door Edge Screws
4 Mounting Screws

Bulk Packaging
24 sets per carton
Compatible with
Travel Trailers – Fifth Wheels - Folding Camping Trailers - Truck Campers - Cargo Trailers - Horse Trailers

RV Master In-House Manufacturing

High Quality from our in-house Production

Over the last years we have invested in world
class manufacturing capabilities.

Our in-house manufacturing facilities gives us
a high level of flexibility and control to meet
short lead times as well as the ability to quickly
realize small-scale series of your customized products.

State-of-the-art processes and manufacturing
techniques enable us to offer our customers
excellent life cycle support.

Substantial investments in our manufacturing
systems have earned us a reputation for products
of exceptional quality and highest reliability.

Our facilities include a tooling dept. die casting
and stamping dept., testing laboratory, and a
very large production and assembly factory.

Our integrated manufacturing control system
guarantees 100% traceability of all delivered


RV lock die casting

Die Casting


Injection Molding



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