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One of the benefits of in-house tooling is quality assurance. In-house tooling means we control the entire process from start to finish ensuring the quality of the end-product, rather than relying on a third-party.

Faster Development

Another benefit to in-house tooling is that we can easily assess the design and modify it as needed, making changes to the design in very short time until the tooling meets your standards.

Save Money & Time

Working with a single, full-service tool designer/manufacturer ensures all critical processes are kept in-house avoiding delays and quality issues.

Die Casting

With In-house die casting specialists , RV master offers a lot more than what a typical factory can do for you.

Highly Accurate Dimensions & Tolerances

From die making to production engineering and QC, we control the whole process from the earliest stage.

Our production offers impeccable surface finishes through detailed final cleaning and specialized painting. We also guarantee clean sprue removal and keep waste to a minimum.

Advanced Simulations & Engineering Support

Your project is backed by our team of experienced in-house engineers. We use the very latest software to simulate molten metal flow during the Die Casting process so that we can highlight feed points and identify areas where improvements can be made. 

Rigorous QC standards

Issues such as flash, unfilled sections and hot tearing may occur in Precision Die Casting. Our Die Casting team will make sure the product is free of these problems, and the dimensions and properties are up to the agreed specification throughout the entire production run. 

Superior Finish Products

High Quality Tooling & Proper Die Maintenance achieve high-quality mirror-like chrome-plated finishes.

In-House Stamping

Metal Stamping for Locks

Why In-House?

With in-house metal stamping, we have the flexibility to change designs, existing tools can be quickly modified in our tooling department to meet the new design.

Our technicians doing the metal stamping can identify design flaws, which they can then fix in-house. Ultimately, we achieve a better design and final product.

Efficient & Consistent

Where other manufacturers have to send pieces and components out of their facility for forming, we possess the stamping capability in-house.

This allows us to form components efficiently, with consistent quality standards and full control over the process.


Stamped Components
Stamped Components

Injection Molding

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